Fredrik Thrysoe is a Swedish composer whose work transcends seamlessly over many genres. From haunting piano melodies, African hiphop beats mixed with flutes to crushing industrial metal and dark fairy tale.
He believes that the best soundtracks come from an understanding of the game’s world and mindset. That it needs to gel with the game and not be a simple layer of music playing over the gameplay.

His fascination with sounds and atmosphere has made him experiment with turning different household objects into musical instruments. Making and recording a drum kit of pots and pans, with spoons and forks as drumsticks, before manipulating the recordings to make them sound like heavy guitars and drums.
While his work on Bloodlust Santa Monica, a demake of Vampire The Masquerade, found him using synth noises as dialogue sounds for different characters, making every character have their own distinct voice.

He is always looking for a new challenge and to help make your game world come alive.